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  2022 Tax Form 1040       Deferred Scenario  
  Line 5a Annual Social Security:        
  Federal Tax Bracket:        
  One-half your Social Security benefit:          
    Other Annual Income:            
  Line 1 Wages :        
  Line 2b Taxable Interest :      
  Line 2a Tax Exempt Interest :        
  Line 3b Ordinary Dividends :      
  Line 3a Qualified Dividend :        
  Line 4b IRA, Pensions / Annuity Income :        
  Line 10 (Schedule 1)   Taxable refunds/credits :        
  Line 11 (Schedule 1)   Alimony :        
  Line 12 (Schedule 1) Business Income or loss :        
  Line 13 (Schedule 1)   Capital gain or loss :        
  Line 14 (Schedule 1)   Other gains or losses :        
  Line 17 (Schedule 1) Rental , royalties, partnerships, S corp, trusts :        
  Line 18 (Schedule 1)   Farm income or loss :        
  Line 19 (Schedule 1) Unemployment compensation :        
  Line 21 (Schedule 1)   Other Income :        
    Tax Deferred Interest :        
     Roth & Excluded Income :        
    Total Provisional Income         
  Provisional Income* Less than = No Tax    
  Provisional Income*         
  Taxable Social Security         
  Potential Tax         
  Provisional Income* Greater than         
  Taxable Social Security         
  Potential Tax         
  2022 Federal Income Tax             
   Income Subject to Federal Income Tax      
  Potential Federal Tax        
  Potential Income Tax Savings       
   Are you living on the interest income in line 2b?
  For Tax Exempt Interest in Line 2a:  Consider ROTH IRA for Tax Free income or SPWL for Cash, LTC/CC and Death Benefit.  
  Do you have?
    Medicare Part B Premium Medicare Part D adjustment Discuss Roth Conversion, Single Premium Immediate Annuity, Overfunded Life Insurance    
  IRMAA Bracket    
  *Provisional Income = Adjusted Gross Income + Tax Exempt Interest for the year + 50% of Social Security Income.  Annuity earnings and income are tax deferred until withdrawn.  This calculator hypothetically shows how Tax Deferred Account may be used to reduce or eliminate the taxable amount of Social Security Benefits.  The analysis is based soley on the information provided by you and may vary from your actual benefits or savings results. The analysis may show the potential income taxes that you could have saved, but will not reduce any taxes you owe now or reduce any taxes you paid in previous years and is not intended to be used to avoid tax penalties or represent tax or legal advice.  The calculator does not guarantee, offer, endorse or imply the accuracy of any projection or that future tax reductions will occur.   You should consult with your tax and legal advisors regarding your individual situation.   
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